Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Audio from the show

Jeff Goodman from foxports.com joined us for the weekly segment and had some Memphis Tigers basketball recruiting nuggets about players that might end up on the roster next year (including one name I have never heard mentioned before... Roburt Sallie. We also talked about what he heard at the pre-draft.

Adrien Wojnarowski from Yahoo came on to talk about this article that came out today that had Michael Heisley throwing Chris Wallace under the bus. Adrien told us his impressions of the Grizz after talking to the owner. I personally cannot believe anyone would defend this guy anymore and the mockery he has made of this organization with crap like this.

Kevin Frazier from ET called in Monday from NY after spending the day with Janet Jackson. We talked about that, a party at Prince's house, if Rhianna is hotter than Ashanti in person, the Lakers, etc.
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