Sunday, June 08, 2008

The exposure of Pau Gasol continues

Honestly, could this be going any better? Pau Gasol in the second halves so far... 4 qtrs played, 7 pts scored. Not to mention he is absolutely killing them defensively. I mean, how many posters am I going to get to buy when the Finals are over? This is great. Get back in the closet where you belong Memphis Pau fans. You wanted him to win so you could say that he never got the respect in Memphis, didn't you? Does he have good enough players around him now? Please tell me again how that is all he needed. He just needed to be the second fiddle, right? Yeah, the second fiddle that watches the Leon Powe show. The Grizzlies did not deliver the Fakers a championship, they delivered them the ultimate dissapointment. O'Doyle rules.