Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mic Check, Memphis Sport, and the Love Train

Memphis Sport Magazine is conducting thier second annual M Awards. I have not mentioned it up until now, but it was brought to my attention that the voting closes on Tuesday. I like this magazine and they were really great to the show last year. If you have not voted for the show yet...Vote here.

Mic Check on CW3o was about Michael Heisley and the yahoo article. Here is the bit if you missed it. Mic Check with Chris Vernon on CW30

The Love Train hits Memphis on Monday morning as Kevin Love will have his Grizzlies workout. He will be up against JaVale McGee, Joey Dorsey, and DeAndre Jordan. I cannot wait. This guy is clearly not scared to workout against anyone, while guys like Brooke Lopez will workout against a friggin chair. We will see if the strategy works for Love. I am betting it does, and he comes away looking like clearly the best prospect. Here is the video of what happened to Oregon when they played on the tracks of the Love Train...