Friday, August 29, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

3-3 on the degenerate games. Troy, Vandy, and Wake come through
now to the losers...
--Utep is an absolute piece of crap. Almost 500 yds of offense to Buffalo? That is ridiculous and embarrasing at the same time. I hate Utep now.
--Oregon State, how about you throw a backwards pass in the endzone again with the game in the balance? Or fumble with the game on the line? Boooooooo.
--NC State was in that thing and then their QB was on a stretcher. Can't plan for that one, but geez, Troy Aikman played through 5 million concussions and he still talks well. Come on dude. Just kidding.

So we were 3-3 on degenerate games, but it is clear that the games we lost were fixed. If we lose, the game was fixed. Period.

Darrell Arthur has to pick up his mom from the airport because her flight was moved to today, so he moved him to next week. Never mess with mama.
The rest of the show for today is the same as scheduled.