Friday, August 29, 2008

Philanthropy, Bobby Bowden and Bradie James (The audio)

Audio of Bobby Bowden on the show and Bradie James on the show is loaded below.

Philanthropy (the picks)
never say that we don't give back to the community...

Kansas -35.5 over Fl. International (Kansas might score a hundy)
Pitt-13 over Bowling Green (McCoy goes over 2 bills)
Utah St +12.5 over UNLV (both these teams suck, so I take points)
Tulsa -14 over UAB (UAB is horrid, Tulsa is good, who needs more analysis?)
Ohio +11 over Wyoming (Come on Solich, come through, Wyoming is crap)

Philanthropy Record (0-0)

and as always, the goofy parlay is the...

Louisiana Losers Parlay of the Year!
Auburn -26 over La Monroe
S. Miss -10.5 over La Laffer
Miss St -8.5 over La. Tech

Bert Sugar's Picks
Temple -7 over Army
Clemson -4.5 over Bama
V Tech -9.5 over ECU
Louisville -4 over Kentucky
Fresno +5.5 over Rutgers