Friday, August 08, 2008

Grizzlies going after Josh Smith?

The Commercial Appeal is reporting that the Grizzlies have signed an offer sheet with Josh Smith. The contract is worth 58 million dollars. I would be shocked if the Hawks don't match, but huge credit to the Grizzlies for taking a run at the guy. To say I am shocked would be an understatement. I would bet we never see the guy in a Grizzlies uniform, but the effort counts. As you know, I have been very wary of a 3-year plan and the idea that Memphis can survive 2 more really bad seasons. If Smith were in a Grizzlies uni, that team looks a whole lot better immediately. Please let there be an act of God that lets this happen. There are 82 games, and this team looks a lot more exciting and promising with Josh Smith on the front line.

Grizzlies sign Hawks' Smith to offer sheet

In the article, the Grizz are also reportedly signing the big center of Iran. Dude had 20 rebounds in a game against Serbia? I'm down with that. Memphis hasn't had a guy that could get 20 rebounds against air. The Grizzlies are gonna have the "foreign nightmare" front line. Darko, Marc Gasol, and this dude. Watch out. hahahaha.