Thursday, September 11, 2008

My new favorite college football player, Sylvester Croom and John Chavis (Audio)

There is the very real possibility that my favorite player in college football this year is Karlin Brown, and I have never seen him play. When the middle linebacker at Miss. St. went down and they needed a replacement... they will now turn to Karlin Brown.
Brown will start in the Auburn game on Saturday night for the Bullies and I cannot wait. Why? Because Karlin Brown is my size. Wait until you see him. He is 5'8" 195lbs. It seems impossible. I looked up his videos on Rivals just to see if this is for real. This dude is starting at middle linebacker in the SEC against Auburn. I cannot remember the last time I anticipated watching a player more. Karlin Brown, do your thing, mangle and destroy.

I asked Sylvester Croom about Karlin Brown, his team losing to La. Tech, minority coach hires, etc. I have loaded the audio if you missed it.

I also loaded the audio of Tenn. Def. Coor. John Chavis joining us on the show.