Friday, September 12, 2008

Philanthropy (The Picks) w/ audio

Never doubt the great Vinny Verno. Comin off a blazin 5-0 last week. If you do not live in a mansion and drive a luxury car, blame yourself. I am trying to help you here.
Philanthropy Record is (8-2, 80%) this year

UAB +30 over Tennessee (if UAB can get me one TD, Tenn has to get me by more than 5tds. no way)

MTSU +17 over Kentucky (I could not believe this. Kentucky has a totally garbage offense. This is insulting)

Iowa St +13.5 over Iowa (again, totally insulting. Iowa St. always covers in this game, and now it is almost a 2td, give me a break)

N Mex St. +25 over Nebraska (I am ridin with my boy Hal Mumme and Joe Lee Dunn on this one. Nebraska struggled with San Jose till the end, 25 is too many)

Western Michigan -8 over Idaho (Idaho is the worst team in D1, and injured. This line should have been 20, we get it at 8)

The goofy NFL Parlay is the Go To the Bank Week 2 Parlay of the Year!
G- Giants -9 over Rams
T- Titans +1 over Bengals
B- Buffalo +5.5 over Jags

bert sugars picks (all against spread)---
Cal, Michigan, Virginia, Vandy, Georgia