Friday, September 26, 2008

Philanthropy (The Picks)

17-5 (77% documented) so far this season. Get on this train or get hit by it....

Ole Miss +22 over Florida (you can make a living betting on 20pt dogs in the SEC year in and year out, and we do. Too many points)

Troy +17 over Oklahoma St. (Troy is a ATS team, in fact 13-3 in last 16 ATS. We love them. Not to mention they beat this team by more than 2tds last year)

San Diego St -11 over Idaho (Idaho is the worst team in the world. A total abomination. They have played 3 d1 opponents and lost a combined 163-35. )

Texas -27.5 over Arkansas (This is another one of the worst teams in the world. I thought this line should have been 50 or more. This is a massacre waiting to happen. Hide the women and children)

Colorado +6 over Florida St. (I don't think FSU should be a 6 pt favorite over anyone. I love Hawkins and I love that their RB is Rod Stewart. Wake up Maggie, Colorado.....strrrrr.....)

goofy parlay is...

Teams in Turmoil Two Team NFL Parlay of the Year!
Buffalo -8 over the Rams
San Diego -7.5 over Raiders