Friday, October 31, 2008

Philanthropy (The Picks)

The documented Philanthropy record for the season stands at 32-15 (68%).

This is so easy. Here are the games...

Florida -6 over Georgia (Georgia gave up almost 500 yds against LSU last week. Florida is 6-1 ats in last 7 SEC games, after losing to Ole Miss they are on a mission. Florida rolls here.)

Texas -4 over Texas Tech (I have no idea why so many people like Tech in this game. Texas has taken on the giants and punished them. 8-1 ats in last 9 games. McCoy completes 82% of his passes, and I watched Tech struggle with Nebraska. Texas covers 4 easy.)

Missouri -20 over Baylor (I thought this line would be 35. We get it at less than 3 td's. Missouri 8-1 ats in last 9 road games. They have only lost to Ok St and Texas but they beat the crap out of bad teams. Baylor is 85th in total d and 87th passing d. Bad news. Missouri in a romp)

Oregon St -15 over Arizona St (Arizona St is trash. They came off a bye and lost by 5 tds at home to Oregon. Oregon St is a covering machine at home over the years. 38-18-1 ats in last 57. Oregon St 10-1 in last 11 on turf (turf team!). Az State is 0-6 ats on turf. 15 not enough.

Minnesota -6 over Northwestern (I love this game and am counting on it. We find a team and ride them, and Minny has been good to us. Like the QB Weber. Minny is 6-0 ats in conference, 6-1 ats overall this year. Northwestern nerds have 1 win over semi-decent team, it was Iowa, and Iowa turned it over 5 times and still barely lost to them. The nerds are banged up, including their QB and they catch a beat down early in the morning on Saturday, making it for a fun rest of the day for us.

Have a great weekend, you should all be billionaires by now.