Saturday, November 01, 2008

Oh what a day, what a day

How was I supposed to know that the white Vince Young was the second string QB for Northwestern? Holy crap, I have never seen a slow white guy tear off more 40 yd runs in my life. I now hate Minnesota. Why are you throwing from your own 15 with no time to do anything? They got what they deserved. I deserved better. The gopher is a stupid animal too.
Florida trashed Georgia, that is about the only thing I got right.
Texas did not even show up in the first half, they were great in the second half, and then got beat on one of the best plays in college football history. Texas Tech gets respect.
Missouri was putting it on Baylor and then must have played their cheerleaders in the second half. Nice 3 pt win over Baylor, Misouri. Geez. That is terrible. I know, I know, Baylor is a tough place to play. Muahhahaa.
And the Oregon St. game is still going on but I am sure they will lose now.
Vinnie Verno apologizes to his followers. It is unacceptable to lose.