Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The legendary Big Jack Eaton

Jack Eaton is one of my favorite people ever. When I first got a job in radio I worked with him for the first several years. I didn't grow up in Memphis, so I did not grow up watching Jack on Channel 5 and listening to him call Memphis games on the radio. I just worked with him, everyday for 5 years. He was always there to help me, which can be rare sometimes in a business where many times older guys can be resentful, insecure, and take themselves so seriously. In a business where so many people take themselves so seriously, I always noticed that the guy that was the most beloved in town was also the most self-deprecating. That is not a coincidence. Also, I looked forward to seeing him at work everyday and never remember him being in a bad mood. Anyway, Jack now has a new book coming out. The book is of his famous poems he wrote, and it is available at I would imagine if you are a Memphis sports fan, or know one, this would be perfect. Jack was in studio in the 5 oclock hour yesterday to talk about some of his favorite stories of calling Tiger games, and to talk about the book (I will get the audio up soon). He also brought a poem about the show...

Ode to Chris Vernon

Great Caesar's Ghost what do you know
Here I am on the Chris Vernon Show.
He's come a long way I'm telling you
From his days working at WHBQ.
At 56 he just couldn't find his spot
But 730 said-go for kid- and look what he's got.
Checking those ratings-they go up and down
But he has the # 1 Sports talk show in town.
Chris,you've done very well working alone
So if Weinberger calls-don't answer the phone..