Monday, November 10, 2008

What is Mike Conley Jr.?

I guess I need to say from the jump that I never liked the draft pick. I was convinced that if Xavier fouls when they should have against Ohio St. in the tournament that there was no way Mike Conley Jr. was gonna be a lottery pick (much less a top 5 pick). In fact, he probably goes back to school. His stock went crazy after his team went to the championship game. Beware of the guy who's stock was dependent on the tournament. I was hoping I would be wrong about this, but I wasn't.

With that being said, the same people that wanted to max-out Pau Gasol, build around Pau Gasol, and keep Pau Gasol are the same that love Mike Conley. This is no coincidence. Conley has a lot of the same characteristics. He is smart, he is nice, he is weak.
Everyone else around these type of players will get blamed for what they are. The other players, the coach, the media, whatever.

Guys with supreme talent can overcome not having any "dog" in them (see: Pau Gasol), and guys with the "dog" in them can overcome not being supremely talented (see: Shane Battier).
Conley has no "dog" in him, and he is not supremely talented. This is a problem, and it is already easy to identify. This does not change with time, this is not about coaching, this is not about the other players on the team.

Hopefully the Grizzlies can get something for him before everyone in the world realizes the truth.