Saturday, June 27, 2009

How will the Grizzlies damage control?

Now that the blog post on the CA's website of all of the draft day trades that were offered has become an article in the actual paper, what will the Grizzlies do?
Is someone going to refute some of the specific deals, and say that they were not on the table?
How can they deal with this? Will they just ignore it? They can't, right?
What will the other teams say? Are they going to refute the offers that they are reported to have made?
I have to imagine that this is really, really rough for the front office. Somebody told the CA all of these possible trades and now teams everywhere are going to be upset with the Grizzlies. You might hear a possible trade that did not happen here or there (like the Randolph thing), but you never read an article like the one today that lists every trade proposal like that. I am stunned that someone gave up all of that information on the record, and allowed it to be put out there for the world to see.
I will be interested to see what comes of this.
I will bet someone is not having a good day over in Grizzlyland.

In terms of what I put on the blog yesterday...
The Randolph report that I made earlier in the day... I had heard Randolph's name being mentioned in a deal on the night of the draft from Herrington, and strangely enough, from one of my emailers.
On Friday morning, Michael Heisley said in an interview that he had a trade that would have put over $20 million on the books. So, with Randolph on the brain, I asked around and it was confirmed to me that Randolph was who he was talking about. Then I got the details, which were different than the version in the CA. My version was correct.

I actually think that they might still go after Randolph.