Friday, June 26, 2009

Not wanting Beasley? Come on.

I have been as critical of the the Grizzlies as anyone, but I am not going to be ripping them for not getting Michael Beasley for the #2 pick, or Mario Chalmers for the 27th pick, because I happen to know that those deals (as they were reported) were not on the table.

Let us just use our brains for a moment...

Blake Griffin was the #1 pick in the draft. Michael Beasley was the better player, in the same league as the kid a year ago. The Grizzlies desperately need to get a power forward. If it seems crazy that they would rather have Thabeet than Beasley, that is because it is.

The Heat gave up 2 million dollars and 2 picks to get Mario Chalmers last year and he had a good rookie year. Now they are gonna trade him for the 27th pick? Come on. And then the Grizzlies come out today 5 times and say their biggest need is backup PG? Come on.

I am sure that there were a lot of offers for picks on draft night, but Beasley for 2 and Chalmers for 27. Come on. If it sounds absurd, that is because it is.

I will not rip them (which I would), because those deals (as they were reported) did not exist.