Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Young P-Nut in studio (The Audio)

FOX 13 did a story on a 7yr old Memphis rapper named P-Nut this week.  The story was picked up everywhere on blogs all across the nation after it hit youtube.  If you have not seen the video, you really should go check it out  ( ).  Anyway, after the seeing the video, I had to get young P-Nut in studio.  He joined us on the show today.  There is absolutely no way this kid will not be a star.  The looks, the humor, the charisma, the rapping, he's got it all.

The audio is loaded here as the second hour of the show.  If you just want to hear P-Nut, press pause when i begins and let it the audio load all the way- then scroll to the 25:25 mark.  That is where is starts.