Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grizzlies and the trade deadline

Here is what I have gathered...

I will be surprised if the Grizzlies do not move Thabeet.  There are multiple teams willing to take him on, so the Grizzlies will hopefully just take the best deal.  A deal with Houston with Thabeet and Shane Battier being the major pieces has been talked about seriously.  I'm told Houston wanted more than just Thabeet to get the deal done.  The deal may not be totally dead but by one source said that it had looked like it was going to happen at one point and may not now.

I was told that the offers for OJ Mayo are bad, really bad.  Heisley loves Mayo, and it will be hard to convince him on trading OJ, even if there is really good return available.  Maybe something will come up close to the deadline but I was told that teams were offering "laughable" return for Mayo at this point.