Sunday, October 16, 2011

#VernoRadio launches

If you missed the story behind #VernoRadio, it is two posts below (Go listen to it and come back to this).  The station may become affiliated with another brand down the road, but for now if you turn on 730 AM in Memphis, you will hear the show.  Since I explained the story on the air last week, I have heard from small business owners all over the country.  It is truly amazing how the internet makes the world a small place.  Guys just like me that have thought of throwing in the towel on their business at some point.  Guys just like me that have wondered if it's worth it when you are up against something so much bigger.  I have been totally stunned at the level of support from so many people that I've never even met.  To all of you that have sent an email, called me, used the hashtag #VernoRadio on twitter, etc - I will never be able to thank you enough.  Keep helping us get the word out, and please support our sponsors.  #VernoRadio starts today, and you can listen to the show whenever you want.   P.S. - I'm fully aware that this is crazy.