Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#VernoRadio and the future

Yesterday there was an article on TheBigLead.com about #VernoRadio and my situation.  You can read the article HERE.  I was surprised that our situation has gotten some national attention.  One of the common threads of the articles written about what has happened lately is this question of how long I can hang on doing what we are doing.  When I first presented what was going on I was flooded with words of encouragement and support, but now I feel like people are reading about it and are feeling sorry for me.  Don't feel sorry for me. We have to rally and there is no time for a pity party.  In 2005 we started 730 AM with 250 watts and a trailer in West Memphis, and there were people lined up telling me that I would never make it work.   We had zero listeners and one advertiser (The Smile Center).  That's when I needed people to feel sorry for me.  If it didn't work I had very few connections in radio, and there was no place to go in the market for a guy with no established audience and very little money attached to the show.  It has never been easy, but I've been fighting for 6 years at this station.  Listeners have rallied, local businesses have rallied, and the level of support now is like never before.  I need you in my corner, not feeling bad for me.  Don't bet against me now.  #VernoRadio