Monday, August 15, 2005

Anthony Reyes is the Man

Holding serve, we were able to track down Anthony Reyes the day after he struck out 15 for the Redbirds. If you have not seen this guy pitch, find out when he is starting and get down to Autozone Park. He is filthy. I have seen the likes of Ankiel, Bud Smith, Danny Haren, and the likes come through Memphis, and Reyes might just be the best. Before you scoff, those that I just named were, at a time, as good as it got on the AAA level. Reyes came on the show and talked about winning his MLB debut last week for the Cardinals, and about mowing down 15 batters in his AAA start on Sunday. There are guys that come through Memphis that you have a chance to see for a limited time... go see Reyes.

Tuesday on the show, Gary Parrish will join me, as well as Dennis Dodd from CBS Sportsline and one of the new Grizzlies... Jones, Stoudamire, or Jackson.

I went to the presser on Monday and not much came from it, but I do have clips I got with the Logo afterwards that I will play tommorow.

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