Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tim Thompson, Mike Miller, and the show

I had Tim Thompson on the show today. After reading Sunday's article about the former Melrose coach taking over at Fayette-Ware, I had to talk to him. Look at some of these gems from the self-professed P-Diddy of this here caoching game.

"I'm a great coach, and I'll fire yo' (butt)," Thompson boasts

"Everybody in Memphis is running the run-and-shoot now," he says. "But they forget, we got the recipe. We the Colonel." MY FAVORITE QUOTE IN THE HISTORY OF MEMPHIS

"It's the system," Thompson said. "People don't understand that. Coming from Melrose, it was like, 'He's got a lot of great players. Da da da da da.'
"Now we'll show 'em it was the system. (New England Patriots coach Bill) Belichick is going to win, baby. I don't care where he go. It's his system."

As you can see, Tim can drop a quote with the best of them. I know Tim screwed up and did some things he shouldn't have, but he paid for it. He has helped save a ton of kids out of the ghetto, he re-united an entire community, and he is a great football coach. I can't wait to see what he does at a school that has lost 28 straight. We will definitely catch up with Tim again.

We also talked with Mike Miller. Mike is a great guy, and I am glad that he is a part of the nucleus of this Grizz team.

Dennis Dodd (CBS Sportsline) joined us to talk about college football, and was good as always.

I've got no producer and we are killing it. Amazing. I had heard it wasn't me.

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