Friday, September 07, 2007

The Picks (Philanthropy) with audio

We give you picks with no charge as our form of philanthropy. We care about you. You are welcome.

Bert Sugar's Picks
Temple -3.5 over Buffalo
Kentucky -10.5 over Kent St
Northwestern -10 over Nevada
East Carolina -5.5 over UNC
Oklahoma -10.5 over Miami

Verno's Joey Dorsey Make it Rain Parlay
Boston College -13 over NC State
West Virginia -24 over Marshall
Kentucky -12 over Kent St.

Infinity Stars Lock of the Century --Missouri -6 over Ole Miss

Gary Parrish's Rick Ankiel HGH Performance Enhanced Parlay
Hawaii -28 over La Tech
Georgia -3.5 over S. Carolina
Houston Texans -3 over KC

Here is the Jimmy Denunzio (The Worlds Greatest Handicapper) audio...
I have also added the Chan Gailey interview if you missed it, the four questions portion at the end of the interview is one of the most memorable and shocking moments in show history